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A Selection of Sample Features Available

Photo Albums/Galleries

Sample1 - Trillgate Gallery - Uses "Lightbox". This gallery was created by and administered by etrwebdesign.

Sample 2 - Bath Place Hotel Gallery - A different arrangement but also uses "Lightbox". Again, created and administered by us.


Online Photo Galleries

If you would like a gallery that you can administer yourself online, we can provide a simple gallery such as this one: With this particular package you can create as many galleries and albums as you like. This particular gallery is provided as standard with the hosting company we use. To set this up for you we charge the price of an extra page - £20. You then add your photos yourself as and when.

If you would like something that has more bells and whistles then we can install a database driven photo gallery onto your webspace that you administer online. The cost will vary depending upon what you want, but we have found a couple of very good database driven photo albums, Piwigo and Gallery, that are easy to administer and we can install either of these for you for an additional cost of £30. You then add your photos yourself as and when.

There are many more possibilites for photo album formats. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Slide Shows

Sample1 - Burnett Cottages - A simple fade in fade out slide show.

Sample2 - Garfield Microelectronics - The "Ken Burns" effect.

There are lots of possibilites for slide shows from simple fade in/fade out to more elaborate transitions. You choose the style you want. Please note that iPads do not display Flash, but there are many effects that can be achieved with Javascript.

Non Standard Fonts

By non standard fonts, we mean fonts that a typical viewer isn't likely to have installed on their computer. This means we cannot just put such a font on a web page - most people wouldn't be able to view it. We can install and implement non standard fonts for an additional £25. Please note that this is "real" text as opposed to graphics which can be used for menu items and logos etc.


Guest Book

We can provide a customised guest book that fits in with the design of your website. Additional cost £25.


The service provider we use offers a blog as standard. Here is one we created for this website: The blog is administed online via an admin section. We can set up the blog for you and customise it so that it has the same "feel" as the rest of the site. Our charge for setting up this blog is £20.

Another blog we like is Blogger from Google, administed online via an admin section. Customisable and easy to use. See the etrwebdesign example of Blogger. Setting up costs are as above, £20.

If you have your own blog, or wish to set up your own blog, we can easily link to it from the site - obviously no extra charge here!


If you would like a video on your website, no problem. If you supply us with the video there is no extra cost. Please note that any videos should be in the form of mp4 files.

Logos and banners

We are able to supply professionally done logos - please ring for details.

Booking Form

We can provide custom made booking forms. The cost will depend on the complexity of the form.

Flip Books

Flip Book Sample - This can be custom made to display a print brochure. Can also include video and sound. In this sample you can use the mouse to flip the pages like a real book.

Flash Presentations

We do not usually provide Flash anymore - many devices do not show it. However, if you wish we can provide simple flash presentations. Let us know what you want and we will give you a quote.

If you are not sure, we can make a flash presentation and then convert it to a more suitable video format.