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7 Steps to Getting Your Website Finished

contact bulletContact Us

You contact us, either in person, by email or by telephone.


quotation bulletQuotation

We discuss with you your requirements and send you a quote outlining the work we will do. We agree on a starting date. When you have accepted the quotation, we can begin.


design bulletThe Design

As soon as we have received confirmation, we will begin on the design for the website. At this point you will need to provide us with text, graphics and logo (if appropriate).

When we have the initial design draft finished (this should be within 2 days of us starting the website), we will email you in order to get feed back. We will continue to work until the design is to your satisfaction.


finishing bulletFinishing the Website

Once the design is agreed, we can go ahead and create the rest of the website. We shall almost certainly need to consult you about various aspects of the website at this stage.


tidying bulletTidying Up

We will validate the website (make sure all the code is correct, there are no errors and that it conforms with w3schools mark up validation), check all the external and internal links, then make am xml sitemap, error page and favicon.


optimisation adnd SEO bulletOptimisation and Search Engine Submission

Once everything is complete, we will optimise the website for your keyword or key phrase and submit to all the major search engines, including manual submision to Google and Bing.


invoicing bulletInvoicing

We then invoice you.


Please note that we can get your website up and running in a relatively short space of time provided we have all the necessary text and graphics and your agreement on the design.


invoicing bulletA Note about domain names and webspace

Our prices include the domain name and webspace for the first year, using our preferred provider.

If you already have a domain name and webspace, the price remains the same but we shall need ftp details in order to upload the new site.

If you have bought a domain name but no webspace, then if you want us to provide the webspace, there will be an additional fee (currently around £6) for the transfer of the domain name. There is no extra charge for redirects from additional domain names.

When we buy the webspace there are a few options.

1) We can put it completely in your name - this means that you will have reminders from them direct to you and you will be responsible for renewing the web space and domain name in subsequent years. This is the cheapest option as the webspace and domain renewal is currently around £23 per year.

This is a good option if you would like to retain full control yourself.

We would require full payment for the website, however, before we can do this. We put the website on our own webspace and when you are happy, you pay and we put things in motion and then upload the site to it's proper domain.

2) The next option is what most of our clients seem to prefer which is to leave it to us to administer the webspace and domain name. If there are any problems for example, we contact the webspace provider to sort it out and also organise the renewals.

For this we charge £40 per year. The webspace is left in our name purely for convenience sake - although of course you have full rights over it and if in the future you wish to take the domain into your own name then there is just a small charge to do that (currently around £12).

3) The third option is that you can buy your webspace from whichever provider you prefer and deal with them direct. This means more expense for you in the first year because our costs to you for the web design remains the same, and you would have to pay your provider for the webspace in that first year as well as subsequent years, plus domain name costs.