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One Page


A one page website - a quick start with full design



• Bespoke Design
• A or .com name
• Contact form etc ...


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5+ Page

from £185.00

A site such as this one to advertise your business



• Bespoke Design
• A or .com name
• Contact form etc ...


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from £210.00

Please ring to discuss your requirements



• Bespoke Design
• A or .com name
• Unlimited pages


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from £600

We offer three ecommerce options:



Secure payment, offering your customers safe and secure shopping.


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One Page site £95

£95 will get you a one page website AND a domain name of your choice, and 15 business email addresses of your choice that can be used either on the web or on any email client such as outlook express and thunderbird.

Here is an example of one of our £95 sites.

You can have any amount of text and photos you like - just think of it as a super business card that you can have a LOT of information on, and uses the power of the internet.

We will also put you on the major search engines.

And what's more it's fully upgradable anytime you like to a bigger site.

Ongoing costs: Yearly hosting, maintenance and domain name costs thereafter £50 per year


recent one page sample Dec 2016


Content Management from £210

Put very simply, Content Management in terms of websites means a website that you manage yourself.

For you, this might simply mean being able to update one or more pages on a regular basis, or you might want something more extensive and have the ability to create web pages yourself.

For this reason we offer two types of content management

1. Online Web Editor

2. Joomla Content Management

Online Web Editor

What we do is build your web site as normal (see brochure site) and then install an online editor so that you can edit pages that may change occasionally.

This is similar to using say, Word for example. We charge an extra £25 on top of the normal brochure site charges to install and set this up.

Joomla Content Management

Joomla is a very powerful open source CMS that is administered online. The large Joomla community means that there are literally hundreds of add ons to the basic Joomla site. Have a look at the Joomla Extensions directory to see the possibilities.

Here is an example of a Joomla website that we made for a client of ours : BlakeSongSettings

The client wanted a website that he could "tinker" with and make changes to as and when he wanted. He also wanted to sell a cd and downloads online - Joomla extensions provided the neccessary components to enable us to realise this.

Our charges for setting up a Joomla website will vary depending on your needs - many add ons are commercial which means we have to pay for them.

For an install, configuration, domain name, webspace up to 1GB, custom Joomla template and the setting up of up to 5 pages we would charge £250. We would also be willing to give assistance to you with regard to administering your Joomla website.

Installation of any additional modules, plug ins and components are charged extra.


Brochure Site from £185

For brochure sites we charge £185 for the first five pages plus £20 for each extra page.

Here is an example of one of our brochure sites.

By brochure site we mean a website similar in scope to this one, including all the design and build and a domain name of your choice, webspace etc. It's all fully inclusive and we will also put you on the major search engines. More about our Marketing ...


  • A or .com domain name of your choice
  • 15 Pop 3 Email @ your domain name
  • Bespoke web design
  • Web Hosting
  • Telephone support
  • Contact form optional
  • Search engine optimisation and submission to all the major search engines
  • Sound files, Video Files
  • Any other domain name will carry an additional charge of £10
  • Ongoing costs: Yearly hosting, maintenance and domain name costs thereafter £40 per year
  • Changes to the website after it has been completed will be charged at £20 per hour

This type of website is fully upgradable anytime if you decide you would like more pages.

Additional Costs

For the following there will be an additional cost each. This is because we either have to pay for extra software or a disproportionate amount of time is needed to provide the feature. If there is anything you want that is not listed here, please ask:

Booking Form, Non Standard Fonts, Live Help, Skype, Flip Book, Panoramas, Flash Presentations, Photo Albums, Photo Zoom, Logos, Banners, Guest Book, Blog, Online Editor, Members Area, Picture Galleries, Slideshows

Sample Features


Ecommerce from £600

We offer 3 different ecommerce options.

1. Mal's shopping cart. This allows you to sell a small number of items online. Customers are directed to a secure payment gateway such as Paypal. Order details are relayed back to you via email and are also stored in your Mal's cart administration section. The shopping cart is an add on to your website. We can offer limited capabilites for you to update your website yourself online.

2. Oscommerce. This is a much more powerful solution than Mal's cart and offers sophisticated search facilities, shopping cart and an administrative back end where you can add/delete products yourself quite easily. If you have a lot of products, then this is probably the option you want to consider. We will install and customise OS commerce for you.

3. Joomla. For more information about Joomla please see our Content Management sectoin.